Tuesday, 9 August 2016

5 Vegetarian Lunch Box Ideas

Hi everyone 

I thought I would share with you what I have been having in my lunch box for work lately.  So if you are stuck for lunch box ideas or want to start getting some ideas ready for the return to school, then keep reading.  This post could also come in handy if you have a child that has recently announced they are going vegetarian as it may give you some ideas of what to include in their lunch box since I am a vegetarian myself.

I almost always include a banana in my lunches as I find them so filling and energising.  I tend to have them mid morning to keep me going until lunch time rolls around.

The Nakd bars are 1 of your 5 a day and so delicious but I do like to switch up flavours, luckily there are LOADS to choose from.

When I have a 'sandwich' I tend to go for just 1 piece of bread to a) stop me feeling lethargic and bloated afterwards due to too much bread and b) I find it is enough to satisfy the sandwich craving without needing a second piece of bread and extra calories.

No.1 - 1 piece of wholemeal farmhouse bread filled with sliced cheddar cheese, pot of plum tomatoes with some fresh basil leaves, a Mango layer Liberte greek yogurt, a banana and a Berry Cheeky Nakd bar.

No.2 - A pack of 4 Jacobs multigrain crackers (these are ideal for lunch boxes as they come in individual packs of 4 crackers).  I top the crackers with 2 Laughing Cow light cheese triangles.  I also had 2 satsumas, a Arla low fat and sugar vanilla yogurt, a banana and a Cocoa Delight Nakd bar.

No.3 - A cinnamon and raisin pretzel with a little pot of peanut butter to dip it into, green grapes, Banana Bread Nakd bar, box of SunMaid raisins and a Activia raspberry yogurt.

No.4 - 1 piece of bread with half fat cheddar cheese inside, plum tomatoes, a banana, Cocoa Delight Nakd bar and a Liberte 0% fat mango yogurt.

No.5 - Cracked black pepper crackers with laughing cow light triangle cheese to go on top, a raspberry Yeo Valley yogurt, banana and Nakd toffee treats.

If you have a lunch box ideas post please share the link below as I would love to take a look for some more ideas.

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Thursday, 28 July 2016

I am going to...Disney World, Florida!!

Woohoo exciting news...I have booked a holiday to Disney World!

My partner and I wanted to do something special to celebrate our 30th year on Earth this year.  We considered all sorts of places from NYC to Benidorm and Las Vegas to Tenerife.  After much thought and debate we decided to take a 2 week trip to Walt Disney World, Florida.

It did feel a little odd that as a childless couple we had chosen Disney World. However, we are both big Disney fans and after a quick google you soon find its perfect for couples and even Honeymoons!

I had been to Disney World before back in 2011 with family but we weren't there for very long so I have recently felt that I  wanted to go back and do it all 'properly'.  
We decided to stay on site to fully immerse ourselves in the whole Disney experience.  It also saves the bother of needing a hire car.  After much research we went for a budget Disney hotel, we couldn't see what we would gain from the extra money a moderate hotel would set us back.  

The overall plan is to spend our days in the parks on the rides, take our time to watch the amazing shows, enjoy all the food experiences on offer and chilling in the water parks.  Then in the evening to watch the fireworks at 1 of the 4 theme parks, enjoy a movie under the stars or some fine dining.

We don't have a dining plan included so we can eat wherever we like and we have already been researching restaurants so we have some idea of places we would like to eat at in each of the Disney parks.

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Are there any specific posts you would like to see prior to or after my trip?  If so let me know in the comments section below.

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

What I Ate Wednesday No.80


Overnight chia oats - Oats mixed with chia seeds and semi-skimmed milk the night before.  Topped with a layer of mango puree and some plain Dorset Cereals granola.  Drink = tea.


Scrambled egg & beans on toast - Half a tin of Branston beans & 1 scrambled egg on toasted Irish soda bread.  Drink = water.


Omelette, wedges & salad - Homemade sweet potato wedges, omelette with low fat cheddar cheese inside and a side salad of cucumber, basil leaves and plum tomatoes.  Drink = water.

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What have you enjoyed eating today?

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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

What I Ate Wednesday No.79


Special K nourish chocolate and coconut flavour with semi skimmed milk, fresh raspberries and 1 big juicy strawberry.  
Drink = tea.


2 wholemeal flatbreads (these were Sainsburys ones) filled with tomato purée, oregano and low fat cheddar cheese - basically flatbread pizza! With a side of plum tomatoes.  
Drink = water.


2 tacos filled with homemade 5 bean chilli and half a pack of Tilda firecracker rice. 
Drink = orange and mango squash.

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What have you enjoyed eating today?

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Ive been a bit quiet lately...

So yeah as the title suggests my blog has been rather quiet lately.  I am not sure any one will have noticed but I thought I would explain what I have been up to.

I had a weekend away in Poole with my family which was lovely.  It was just a couple nights to celebrate a family members Birthday but I throughly enjoyed spending time with everyone.  It's just so nice to have a break from the daily grind and get away somewhere different.

The following week I then had a 2-day conference with work which included an overnight trip away.  This left me really tired with travelling, busy long days, late nights and trouble sleeping whilst I am away.

This was then followed by an awesome 5 nights camping at Woodlands Silverstone to attend the British Grand Prix weekend.  It was a present for my partner for his 30th this year.  It was such fun and an amazing atmosphere.  We had pit walk passes and got to walk down the pit lane and some of the drivers came out to see fans, take pics and sign autographs which I was not expecting.  The icing on the cake was Lewis Hamilton winning the race.  
Whilst I was there I got to see Scouting for Girls, Texas, The Dolls and The Feeling play on the main stage.  
It was not a great journey home as it took twice as long as expected due to crazy traffic and the sat nav making us drive in circles on a roundabout.

Then the following day I was back at work....and the car broke down on the way to work and ended up in the garage for a couple days getting fixed!

So yeah I have just been busy with life basically.  A few trips back to back required constant washing and packing and not much time for blogging so my blog has taken a back seat.  But hey I am back today though and following this post will be a What I Ate Wednesday for you guys.  

There is also a DisneyWorld post on the horizon!  

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

What I Ate Wednesday No.78

Hi there

Thanks for stopping buy for another What I Ate Wednesday post.  It is a short one due to the mahoosive size of my brunch.


A full English (vegetarian style!) - 2 hash browns, 2 grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, scrambled egg and a slice of toast (out of shot)  Drink = 3 cups of tea, which always tastes nicer from a teapot.


A chocolate croissant with sliced strawberries and banana.  Drink = water.

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What have you enjoyed eating today?

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Sunday, 19 June 2016

A British Afternoon Tea Party

Hi everyone,

As part of the celebrations for my Nan's 80th Birthday this month I decided to throw her a surprise Afternoon Tea Party.  I share a love of cakes, scones and generally anything sweet with my beloved Nan so I knew she would totally enjoy it.

I set to work devising a menu that everyone would like of finger sandwiches, scones and cakes.  I then printed one off for each attendee.

I decided to wrap some of the bits that would be required for the tea party and pop them in a box.  That way my Nan could open them and gradually guess what I was up to.  I decided to include a note at the bottom of the box which explained what I had arranged.  I thought the mug on the right of the picture below would be a nice keepsake for her to use afterwards.

So in preparation he day before I dusted off my cake stand and teapot and dug out my frilliest table mats.

On the actual day I made the finger sandwiches as per the menu.  Then once my Nan had open the cakes and scones all I had to do was arrange them on the cake stands and brew the tea.  If the weather had been nicer I would have held it in the garden but sadly it was overcast until the late afternoon when it brightened up, typical!

I am not normally the hostess type bit it went really well and we all had an enjoyable afternoon.  

We then headed to my parents house and did the whole cake and candles thing with the rest of the family, here is the pic my talented sister-in-law made.  The swirls are buttercream and it was 3 layers and pink ombre coloured inside.

Are you an Afternoon Tea fan?

Kads x